Hot Water Tank Repair
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Need help with your hot water system and/or hot water tank repair, we are it. We inspect and troubleshoot  piping and tanks, heating elements, temperature controls,  corrosion protection's sacrificial anodes. We can provide an onsite preliminary non-binding free assessment for hot water tank maintenance and repair, hot water system's inspection, repair or replacement.

Hot Water Tank and  Piping  Reliability

Typical Hot Water Tank InstallationHot Water Tank

Electrically heated hot water distribution system, after  installation, requires servicing to maintain system reliability… from  a purely  technical viewpoint, an obvious statement. However, a person can be caught inadvertently off guard. Hot water systems are  such a passive part of a building's infrastructure  providing long term trouble free hot water on demand, one can easily overlook its maintenance …until it fails. Then, under urgent  domestic pressure  of such a  daily need,  a great deal of time, trouble and funds can be expended  to find and obtain the resources to have  it repaired or replaced. To the uninitiated, we are talking a number of weeks or even months.  We offer to help you minimize  this  risk of  failure and /or assist in minimizing  the time  and cost for a repair or replacement.

Typical Hot Water System Failure Modes

  •  Leaks : hot water tank, tank fittings, valves and  piping
  • Corrosion  protection failure:  sacrificial anode  failure, hot water tank failure, heating element failure
  • Heating elements failure: calcium salts deposits
  • Heating element temperature control failure.
  • Relief valve failure
  • Power supply trips out repeatedly
  • Slow response replenishing hot water

Hot Water Tank Maintenance and Repair For DYI

For a technical inclined person hot water tank repair is within reach. The work is relatively light and the material component and tool resources are  accessible. If the time sequence required for maintenance  or repair is no constraint, then  a DYI can give it a shot. However, invariably, time is a major factor, has the loss of service affects everyone in the household. The problem is not so much the time to actually do the repair, but the time to determine the required repair elements to acquire the components and tools. For the uninitiated, this can be overwhelming.

As guide to help you in evaluating  your potential to carry out such maintenance and repair, we provide a work descriptive page with  a work task list and list of tool list for your study. See Hot Water System Repair.

Preventive Maintenance

Your source of potable water can be relatively corrosive and contain minerals, for instance,   hard water  contains calcium salts , iron oxides and other minerals. If your source of potable water is filtered, pretreated and passivated by your provider, chances are you can go a number of years before facing a problem. On the other hand, if your water source is not filtered and  pre-treated, such as water from a surface well or artesian well on your own property, or from  a local  co-op, or a  village, then much more frequent  attention is needed to assure ongoing  reliability. The frequency of servicing can be determined subsequent to inspection. 

As a guideline, for a hard water source, we recommend  periodic  inspection on a yearly basis. Then extend or reduce servicing interval  based on historic  results .

A few hours of preventive work can avoid costly system repair or replacement.

Should maintenance frequency be prohibitive, we can recommend a suitable water treatment system.