Well Water System Service

Well water system service is intended to provide you with a help source on your water system failure.  Unfortunately, preventive maintenance water supply system in a rural areas is quite often insufficient to alleviate the potential of a system failure.  Under failure, one feels trapped to commit to potential unfamiliar resources with  time constraints  and potential high cost. We offer to help reduce the risk that such a situation imposes.  

Our Well Water System Service

Our well water system services encompass  the well, piping and related components, pumping equipment, pressure tank, and controls for a domestic  potable  water supply system in rural areas. We can help obtain water permit for well,  trouble shoot a failing water supply system, repair or replace components  and pumping equipment as might be required to restore your system. We  advise and guide you for a new installation and plan for and install the pumping system. Our aim is to assist individual owners get a good a clear picture when faced with a water supply problem. Though the equipment described below are related to a deep well pumps, we do service shallow well equipment as well.

 Failure of water supply system in a rural area can be harrowing experience . We can provide an onsite preliminary non-binding free assessment and evaluation of your system requirements.  

Well Water System Potential Failure Modes

Well HeadWell Head Showing a Sealed Cap

In listing well water system failure modes, the intent is not to generate fear.  We do this to make you aware that not all modes of failure will result in a costly well water system service. Clearly, it is possible that a relatively important fix, subsequent to first appraisal, will get you out of trouble. DIY person might take it upon himself to do the correction or repair himself with advisory assistance.

Pressure Tank

The pressure tank in a well water system serves to reduce the frequency of pump starts and stops, as well as, allowing the pump to have a longer run providing a reserve for short intermittent water use. The tank can fail from corrosion or tank fitting leaks that result in loss of the air cushion.

Pressure Tank AssemblyPressure Tank Complete with Water Pressure and Pump Control Assembly

Pressure Differential Switch

The pressure differential switch in well water system is usually located on the inlet piping to the pressure tank can fail from overuse, especially if the pressure tank fails.

Pump Motor Start Control

The pump control box is used to house the start capacitors on a 220V deep well pump motor. These capacitors are rated for a certain number of immediate start and stop. However, when there is a failure of pressure tank or pressure differential switch, leaks,  the starts and stops soon exceed the its limiting capacity and fail.

Wire and Conduit To Pump

Conduit And Piping Connection to Well HeadConduit Connection to Well Head

The wires from motor control box in building  to the well are usually in a conduit and protected. However, the wires from top of well to the pump are not protected. Frequent start and stop of pump or pump malfunction can lead to a wire failure.

Piping  and Fittings

Piping and fittings can leak. Any well water system leak causes loss of pressure in the system that can lead repeat pump starts, resulting in component failures, such as, pump, pressure tank, and control devices.

Well Pump

Deep Well PumpA Failed Well Pump (Partly Disassembled)

The pump fails in a number of ways; for example, the motor can fail due capacitor failure, pump seal, impellor stuck or broken or worn or damaged bearings.

Contaminated Well

Well seal can be inappropriate to prevent contamination.

Water Treatment

Water SofternerTypical Water Softener

Water can contain dissolved salts, such as carbonates and iron sulphide, bacteria, suspended particles and need pre-treatment prior to use. The devices need can encompass water softener for carbonates, aerator of iron sulfides, reverse osmosis filtration for suspended particles and bacteria and ultraviolet sterilization for bacterial contamination. We can verify requirement by obtaining laboratory analysis and help plan required treatment.

Well Pump System Service and Repair

A visit by a competent person with a  few diagnostic  tools can help identify the key elements that need attention, then advise  or propose a repair plan.