Our Approach to Facilities Engineering

Hello and welcome to our site. My name is Stewart Gionet, P. Eng. This is my view and credo with regard to facilities engineering. Who am I? See resume Click here to read the PDF in your browser,or to download it.

As founding partner and owner of engineering company, I have spent a great deal of time assisting clients fix and improve their facilities over the years, both in North America and the Middle East. My experience in support of in house engineering groups carry-out brown field engineering projects provides me with unique insight into faciities engineering and management.

Why facilities engineering?

Does one really expect one's facility, be it a manufacturing facility or even a home, to become non-functional within one's lifetime? We do somewhat, but our instinct is to work towards putting that day as far off into the future as one can.


A great deal of a management’s effort is expended to upkeep their installation, all in the hope that it will renew itself much as evergreen trees do. This effort requires incremental evolutionary steps, that is; timely alterations, modifications, improvements, transformations, enhancements, restorations and etc, all to achieve a kind of evergreen process.

Past Practices

In the good old days, in the not to distant past, it was not uncommon for a company to have an engineering team on staff responsible to instigate, evaluate, plan, estimate, develop and eventually execute such incremental projects. These teams were largely dropped under the assumption that such services can be out-sourced; there by reducing overhead and increasing execution effectiveness by obtaining more specialized professionals. However, with current organizational constraints, the best management can expect is an engineering manager with some outsourcing capability on staff. Quite often for the smaller facilities, this resource is not readily available.

Our Endeavour

As proponent of incremental evolutionary steps to upkeep a facility as an evergreen process, I undertake the lead in building a team with the technical capabilities that will provide managers with an equivalent service resource, as an in house technical team, made available on demand basis.